Sustainable Economics

Corporate Governance

Super Turtle operates and manages its business fairly, transparently and auditably.

In accordance with good corporate governance principles and business ethics, including anti-corruption guidelines as well as compliance with the laws and regulations. In addition, we strengthen and support the corporate governance and risk management by embedding them as a part of our way of working.

Important Documents

Corporate Documents

Human Rights

Super Turtle places importance on the respect of human rights, individualism and human dignity.

By emphasizing on the equal and equitable treatment of stakeholders across all groups, regardless of nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, political opinion, or other status.

Employee Development

Employees are the most valuable resource in the business operations and a key driven factor of organizational success.

We impose policy to encourage the employee to develop their working knowledge, competency and attitudes regarding needs and requirement of certain job positions through various guidelines of developments, including e-learning, attendance of external seminars, internal trainings, coaching by supervisor, on the job training, knowledge sharing and mutual learning under framework of learning organization.


Sustainable Social

Social and Community Development

Super Turtle operates its business with concern for safety and impact on society and communities.

Both positive and negative, by listening to opinions towards the same from employees and subsidiaries. Furthermore, we support activities or projects that aim to improve the society and uplift the quality of community life.

Health and Safety

We ensure that the goods we sell are safe and meet all the requisite health and safety standards.

The fresh foods that we sell are sourced from local suppliers who have the highest reputations for food quality and safety standards. In all categories, we offer healthy options which help our customers with eating a balanced diet.

Stakeholder Engagement

Super Turtle gives an importance on all groups of stakeholders, both of internal and external of the organization.

To ensure that they are treated equally and appropriately, as we believe that maintaining good relationship with each group of stakeholders is key to growing its business value, sustainable development and long-term success.


Sustainable Environment

Climate Change

Super Turtle realizes the severity of the global warming and climate change around the world.

and views that we can help slow down and minimize the impact of this situation. Therefore, we place an importance on our business operation with the responsibility to environment and commit to reduce the negative impact from work and business processes, procedures and activities of the Group.

Circular Economy

We aim to be part of the circular economy.

and this will be a focus for all aspects of our business operations going forwards. We will work with Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) who will help us manage our fresh food waste in a sustainable manner.

Responsible Supply Chain

Our coffee is sourced from one of Thailand’s leading coffee roasters.

We carefully selected our beans and make sure they are from local and sustainable sources. Some of our coffee beans come from Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) whose focus is to improve the well-being of hill tribe villagers in northern Thailand. Moreover, we also aim to use recycled and biodegradable packaging where appropriate.

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